100 Hour Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training: A Journey through the Elements with Veronica Perretti and Amy Defilippi



A Journey through the Elements
With Padmini Veronica Perretti & Amy DeFilippi 

The practice of yoga is often defined as union.  In our yoga practice we have an opportunity to feel our connection with our source, the divine.  This connection is made easier when we align our bodies, minds, and spirits with the elements of the Universe. In this training we will take a journey through the 5 elements of yoga tradition and Vedic astrology.

If you are a teacher needing a new lens through which to view your practice this training will re-inspire your way of looking at sequencing, theming classes, and connecting with students. It will light your fire in your own daily sadhana (practice) so that you can live from a place of inspiration and your teaching will flow naturally.

If you are a dedicated student flirting with the idea of teacher training or having completed a 200 hour training this program will give you a solid framework to evolve your practice with intelligence and inspiration so that you can truly be your own teacher.

Our 100 Hour Advanced Teacher Training will be conducted over 5 weekends in March helping us battle the end of winter blues and preparing our hearts for the abundance of Spring. Training will be held on Saturday and Sunday. Each weekend will include a taste of each of the 5 elements as outlined below, so that you leave feeling full and satisfied, ready to take on the week ahead.  This training will not only prepare you to be the best teacher you can be, but to feel connected, inspired, and confident.

EARTH: Anatomy & Alignment
Anatomy of asana; forward bends, backbends, inversions, twists
Integration of anatomy in teaching classes and privates
Modifications for common injuries, prevention, and health conditions

AIR: Pranayama & Breath
Teaching pranayama and integrating into classes and privates
Uses of pranayama for students of various levels and health conditions
Introduction to the Nadis and the Koshas

FIRE: Tapas & Daily Sadhana
Spiritual Living; Yamas and Niyamas
Daily home practice; commitment and devotion

WATER: Sequencing
Learning to teach from every corner of your practice
Themes for peak poses, anatomical emphasis, philosophical teachings
The art of sequencing a well-rounded class
Teaching to a variety of levels
Methodology behind when to teach certain poses and themes based on time of day and year

ETHER: Mantra, Chanting & Meditation
Meditation techniques; japa, tratakam, mantra, witness consciousness
Chanting; traditional Vedic mantras and kirtan
Sculpting your own daily practice to feel connected to the divine


Amy and Padmini co-teach workshops and teacher trainings together because it’s much more fun than teaching alone.  Through their myriad of trainings, years of experience, and variety of teachers they bring a unique holistic view of the yoga practice to class. They believe that yoga is a tool for living a happier life and the yoga asana practice is a simple way to come in contact with our true divine nature.  They both love to laugh, chant, and practice savasana.


April 5/6, April 12/13, April 26/27, May 3/4, May 10/11
*No program the weekend of April 19/20

Price & Location:

$1,500/$1,250 Pure members
Pure Yoga West 204 W 77th St between Amsterdam Ave and Broadway
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What people are saying about our teacher training:

“I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience studying with Amy and Padmini to complete Maha Padma Yoga Temple’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. These are two of New York’s most gifted and inspiring teachers, and it was truly an honor to grow my practice and further my Yoga education under their guidance.
I appreciated the breadth and intensity of the training, which covered everything from Yogic traditions and philosophy to poses and alignment, all in a coherent, thematic manner. I especially enjoyed exposure to the wisdom and influence from Amy and Padmini’s lineages/teachers, which frequently made it’s way into the course.
Whether you’re looking to deepen your practice and Yoga education, or become/ grow as a teacher, training with Padmini and Amy will serve as a wonderful step on any yogi’s path.” ~ Chelsea, November 2013